Eat The Rainbow Cookbook (eBook)

35 plant-based recipes to take your health to the next level. All recipes are free from gluten, oil, soy and refined sugar. With a focus on whole foods and using the right spices, the meals in this book are simple to make, tasty and full of goodness. See images below for a sneak-peek of what's inside. Released September 2020.


"Eat The Rainbow has come from my transformational journey with food. At one point in my life, food was my worst enemy and now, it's my greatest passion. It's more than just what I put in my body daily. It gives me life. It gives me joy. It nourishes my mind, body and soul. I am so grateful for food and all it gives me. Every recipe in this book has been made with all my heart, love and appreciation for the magic of food.

I believe this cookbook can support anyone who:

~ Lives by and loves the Medical Medium lifestyle
~ Loves healthy food and wants to nourish their body
~ Is open to trying some new, tasty plant-based recipes
~ Is on a healing journey

I hope these recipes bring you as much joy as I felt creating them for you. 


Happy Cooking!"

~ Haifa

$9.90 USD

Stuffed Potato Cakes
Creamy Potato Pasta
Watermelon Goddess Juice
Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Pizza Crust
Tropical Smoothie
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